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Malibu4I have extensive experience as a clinical dietitian in the hospital setting, however now I am focusing my attention on wellness, preventative health, sports nutrition and pregnancy nutrition to help others learn about how to properly fuel and nourish their body. Are you ready to make the real changes that will give you long lasting success and bring you back to your optimal health? There are no “wonder diets”, “magic pills”, medications, or deprivation tactics. It is about lifestyle behavior modifications and learning to incorporate nutrition and fitness into your lifestyle daily! I will help you achieve your health goals for the long term.

I meet with my clients in person (at my office in Beverly Hills or Pacific Palisades, CA) or consult over the phone and Skype for those of you who have a difficult commute, hectic work schedule or who live out of state. I look forward to working with you and guiding you to a life of healthful success!

Initial Nutrition Consultation:

Your first session we will discuss your health history, current nutrient intake and fitness regimen, medication and/or vitamin and mineral supplementation, lab work and goals. Includes an analysis of your calculated macronutrient needs specific for your height, weight, (goal weight), age, gender and activity level.

Nutrition Follow Up:

Detailed follow up consultation that builds on your initial nutrition consultation, goal setting, meal planning and customized nutrition recommendations that will fit into your lifestyle and suite your individual needs. 

Custom Meal Plans:

Individual or family meal plan created based on your personalized macronutrient needs, food likes/dislikes or food allergies. Your meal plan will also include suggested timing of meals for best absorption, body composition and increased metabolism. Portion control and strategies for dining out or traveling are also emphasized. 

Grocery Store Tour:

Personalized guidance through your grocery store of choice with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Session will include meal planning, snack ideas, education on how to read and understand a nutrition facts label, and the importance of balance, moderation and variety in all meals. 

Corporate Wellness:

A very practical and easy to comprehend presentation done by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specific to the needs of your corporate office. Education will cover nutrition, dining out strategies, sugar alternatives (i.e. to replace energy drinks, soda, etc.), travel nutrition and ideas on how to increase your energy in the workplace through nutrient dense foods and avoiding the “3pm crash.” 

Special Packages:

  • Bride-to-be Kit:

    •  Nutrition assessment by Registered Dietitian to analyze your specific nutrition needs. Includes tools for you to increase energy, stay nourished throughout the day, boost your “glow factor,” reach your goal weight so you can fit into your dream dress and enhance the glow factor.  Learn how to look and feel your best on your wedding day!
  • Pregnancy Nutrition (Pre, During or Post):

    • Learn what foods to incorporate for optimal energy for yourself and how to enhance the nutrition for your growing baby. We will discuss timing of meals, proper portions, anti-nausea remedies, as well as the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. 

Fitness Training: 

  • One-on-one personal training:

    • Personal training done with NASM (National Academy of Sports Nutrition) Certified Personal Trainer and Group Personal Training Specialist to target all muscles in the body and reduce fat mass, enhance lean muscle. Workouts will be created based on your individual fitness goals. Specialties include: cardiorespiratory training, speed, agility and quickness drills, lengthening and strengthening large and small muscle groups, toning of legs, core and gluteus. Equipment for training will be provided during each session, and utilizes training with your own body weight. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages (6, 9 or 12 sessions). 
  • Custom Fitness Plans: 

    • A 1-week personalized fitness plan to target all muscle groups and enhance lean muscle, endurance, balance, flexibility, core and cardiovascular strength. This custom workout plan is targeted to suite your fitness goals and can be created for you to do at a gym, at-home, or in an outdoor setting with minimal equipment required. If you are on the road and travel a lot, custom fitness plans can also be created to fit into your lifestyle. 


Group Based Nutrition Classes:

Learn how to improve your health, change habits, optimize your intuition and make healthful choices! Listen to your intuition! Stay tuned for upcoming group nutrition workshops. Register or call for information to sign up for future classes! _E0A4198