Intuitive Eating

“Intuitive” is defined as perceiving by intuition, as a person or the mind. It is similar to something that is natural, innate.


There are so many emotions involved in eating. Stress, lack of sleep, anger, frustration and anxiety are a few emotions that often increase appetite. Even joy and happiness can drive a person to eat more or lead to overindulging. When you’re relaxed, you let you guard down, and for some people, that can open the flood gates to larger portions, richer foods and an underestimation of total calories consumed.

Think about it, most social occasions are focused around food—birthday parties, family events, holiday celebrations, engagement parties, weddings, bridal or baby showers, retirement parties… the list goes on and on. It is important to have a strong (and healthy) relationship between your mind and body in order to make the “right choices”, hence the name of my private practice, Nutrition For Body and Mind. I have created this to promote a healthy balance between nutrition and exercise, which come hand in hand.

Your body should be number one! Remember, you’re only given one life, one body, one mind, so you must treat it right! You can reduce or even reverse some of the damage done, by changing your diet and lifestyle or with the use of some specialty natural supplements. It takes more time and planning, but in return you’re adding “time” to your life in the long run—so it’s all worth it! It’s difficult when we get caught up in the stress of the world—jobs, money, family hardships, outside stressors, etc. But, it’s so important to bring yourself back to equilibrium (both inside and out). When you lose control or feel that you don’t have a grip on certain parts of your life, nutrition and exercise seem to be the first to slip to the side; which ironically increases your waistline (no good!).


I have partnered with a National Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor (Joey Soto) to host a workshop on Intuitive Eating and Meditation, (Intuition Workshop), coming up at the end of this month (June 23rd, 11:30 am-12:30 pm, @ the Shiatsu Massage School of California). Please see the flyer for more details. We will focus on the link between stress and food choices, appetite and emotions, the hunger-satiety scale, as well as meditation exercises for you to become “one with your body.” It will be a fun, interactive class when you can “let your guard down” and still feel confident in making healthy food selections.


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