MiCoach: Get Coached To A Faster You!

One of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received this year was the miCoach, made by Adidas.

Adidas has put together cutting edge technology that is designed to make sport specific workouts that will coach you through the training to optimize your athletic performance. MiCoach workouts are mixed and personalized to you, your body and your preferred coaching method—by heart rate or by pace.

To begin, you choose your sport and current level of fitness. Then, you set a date for your goal and how often you’re able to workout. A sport specific plan that is also individualized is designed to help you achieve your goal. The miCoach pacer checks your effort and keeps you on track with real-time audible feedback and guidance. The miCoach Pacer also syncs with the web so you can check your stats, track your progress and get coaching feedback for every workout.

Running is my “vice” or sport of choice, and the miCoach is perfect because it designs interval training to build up my aerobic base and anaerobic threshold based on what I need for that distance. All of this is to make sure that I have everything I need in this competitive running world! I have been an athlete my entire life, which has enabled me to have an internal strength and self-motivation in exercise and all aspects of life.  Although I am self-motivated, having a “coach” there to push me to my limits is the ultimate way to reach my PR (personal record). I am excited to set my exercise goals high and to reach them quickly!!

The miCoach can be bought online at Amazon at a discounted rate. Check it out for yourself or for a friend to stay in shape through the holidays and into the New Year. Click on the link directly below for more details.
adidas miCoach Pacer

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