New Year New You!

DeterminationHappy New Year! Each year thousands of people make a list of “New Years Resolutions” most of which include something related to losing weight and/or joining a gym. Resolutions are things that you want to change and resolve to do better. The difficult part is that many of these resolutions are created unrealistically, which results in a loss of momentum, a feeling of defeat and thoughts of “I’ll just throw in the towel” by the end of January. We start the year feeling excited for change, but in reality, we as human beings are creatures of habit and ‘change’ is not a comfortable feeling.


Change is defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different. The obstacle is that people like to stick to what they know and trust. Change can bring on thoughts of worry and anxiousness, followed by a long list of “what if” questions. Making the decision to change (yourself or something about your lifestyle) is the first step in the right direction. Once you commit to change (mentally), your body will follow (physically). Many people are scared of failure, but don’t be! I love the saying, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” Stay confident and believe in yourself. Success can mean many different things to different people. However, I view a sign of success as taking a leap of faith and allowing change to occur in your life. You have to be prepared for it and accept it with open arms, but when you do …there is endless opportunity.


MotivatePeople specifically don’t like change in regards to their eating habits. You might have been raised on a farm eating meat and potatoes, or you might have grown up eating vegetarian for cultural reasons. Each of you has your own genetic makeup and background, which has made you who you are today. Accept that and embrace it! Oftentimes people will order the same entrée at a restaurant even when there are 200+ menu options. Again, we are creatures of habit and we like to stick to what we know.




SaladI challenge you this year to add more variety to your nutritional intake. Add more color with vibrant fruits and vegetables which are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (cancer fighting). You should look at your plate and see a rainbow of colors, not a bland white starchy mess. Try a new food or Superfood that you haven’t tried yet. You might love it, you might hate it, but it’s the experience that is exciting!


CIMG7069My favorite and most recent experience trying a new food was when I tried fresh sea urchin at the Hungry Cat in Santa Monica, CA. They have one of the best raw food bars of all time! They catch the sea urchin in Santa Barbara in the morning, and it is sitting on the ice bar ready to be eaten the same night. It is served raw on a small cracker with a touch of sea salt and a lemon wedge. It literally melts in your mouth! I cannot describe the taste because it is beyond words. You might wonder how something so spiky on the outside can be so delicious on the inside. Well, you have to try it to understand! You cannot judge a food by how it looks. Let your taste buds decide!


I challenge you to put your health first, try new foods and incorporate variety in your meals, eat clean, practice moderation, and move your body daily! Make it a goal to exercise 3-4 times per week. Your body and mind will FEEL the benefits. You will feel more energized, and your body will crave healthier foods. Think about it, after you finish a spin class or cardio class, the last thing you want is a burger right? You want a healthy protein shake or hearty sandwich/salad with lean protein, etc. You will stay more hydrated. Exercise helps to stimulate your mind, which also helps you to stay focused on the task at hand while at work instead of mindlessly eating the leftover holiday candy on your desk. putting your health first is not only a resolution, it is also a lifestyle change. Enjoy the ride!


RunningContact Courtney for your customized nutrition consultation, meal plan, and/or personal training and fitness plan to ensure you stay on track in 2015! Happy New Year! Make it the best year yet!


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