Running Shoes- Your Perfect Fit!

If you’re a runner like me, then you know that good running shoes (that fit correctly to your foot) are the most important part of gaining speed and preventing injury! If you didn’t know this already, then I am here to tell you all the details! I recently got a pair of the new Nike Free running shoes (the black and pink color)…and I love them!

The Nike Free running shoe was created for those who love the feel of barefoot running, yet need the cushioning, traction and underfoot protection of a shoe. The Nike Free flex grooves, which are along the length and width of the mid-sole, allow your foot to move naturally while adding stability.

I have also found that the Nike Free shoes are the perfect transition shoe if you are moving from traditional running shoes to barefoot running. The cushioning of the shoe follows a scale (numbering system) ranging from 1 (barefoot) to 12 (normal running shoe). Nike has developed three shoes currently, Free 3.0 (least supportive), Free 5.0 (splitting the difference), and Free 7.0 (most cushioned). I would definitely recommend giving them a try!


IMG_1389Be sure to get the length, width and arch of your foot assessed before selecting a shoe. These are all crucial parts to evaluating the type of shoe you will need. If you are not a runner, then make it a goal to add a light walk, jog, or run into your daily routine and reap all of the cardiovascular (heart) benefits. Do you need some motivation to get up and at ‘em for your morning or evening exercise when it is cold out? I am here to help! All it takes is some Nike gear to do the trick– a warm sweatshirt, workout pants, a beanie (or something that will cover your ears to keep warm), and running sport gloves. From there, it is just about finding your passion and setting goals that are attainable to your lifestyle. Come join me…you can do it!

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