Sweat Garage: Working Out Made Easy!

The new, cutting edge, GO GREEN gym in West Hollywood coins “a healthy body is a happy body” as a way of life.

Owner, Christopher Slevin states, “It’s not all or nothing, nor is it one extreme or another. It is, if I take care of my body, than my body will take care of me.” I completely agree!

This can be applied to both nutrition and fitness elements! I know it is the New Year…and you might want a “New You.” However, the “Old You” is just fine! It is just about finding your life balance and incorporating these new lifestyle behavior modifications that you can maintain in the long run. You are among thousands+ of people trying to improve their health (in the month of January)…just make sure you are in that same category striving to improve your health come August 2011! Make goals that are specific and attainable because you will be more likely to follow them. NOW is the perfect time to get involved in a workout regimen that is fun, yet challenging!

Sweat Garage is offering a discount (up to 38% off high intensity workouts) through Gilt City LA, so sign up today! As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer, I LOVE to eat healthy and exercise, but I know that’s not the standard. I am not perfect by any means and I don’t expect you to be! I am just here to motivate you and help you reach your nutrition and fitness goals!

At Sweat Garage classes consist of 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training (using free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands and your own body weight exercises), burning anywhere from 400-1,000 calories! It takes a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound, so with a few of these fitness classes and healthy eating tips through Nutrition For Body And Mind, you will be well on your way to a successful and sustainable weight loss! The nice thing about these classes is that you don’t have to think! That’s right…you don’t have to think about what exercise you have to do next or how much longer you are going to run on the treadmill, you just do what you are told! The instructor is motivating you the entire way through the process.

The thing that also separates Sweat Garage from other gyms is that no two classes are alike (the runs on the treadmill change daily as well as the floor exercises); which prevents you from getting bored and targets two muscle groups each day (toning all muscle groups by the end of one week)! I’d say that’s a WIN, WIN! If you have played sports in the past or are a competitive person like me, then you will love these classes because “the inner athlete in you comes out” and you want to run faster, push harder, and finish strong! And if you’re not an athlete, it’s okay too–you just run at your own pace (no pressure) where you feel comfortable. You will be surprised on how quickly your cardiovascular and strength abilities will improve in little time!

To learn more sport specific training regimens and proper sports nutrition and hydration techniques, schedule an appointment with Courtney Walberg, Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer, Founder of Nutrition For Body And Mind.