TRX Suspension Training

Is TRX Suspension training the new “total body training” tool?!?

It is easy to set up, highly portable, and provides a total body workout. Todd Durkin is an elite strength, speed and conditioning coach who personally trains professional NFL athletes. Durkin states, “The first step is discovering weaknesses and strengthening them. The next key is focusing on training movement. Many guys come to me and they are already strong. I want to try and make them faster, more explosive, and more flexible. I like to emphasize speed, agility, quickness, acceleration, power, and metabolic conditioning along with my strength and flexibility work. I try to involve many sensory stimuli while training. I love to create exercises that challenge the mind as well as the body.” I love the last sentence of Durkin’s quote where he ties together the importance of the body and the mind– seeing that my practice, Nutrition For Body And Mind focuses on both the nutrition and fitness component!

Drew Brees trains with the TRX suspension to enhance performance! Here are a few strength training exercises to get you started. They challenge your mind and target your biceps, triceps, lats, core, and obliques.

1.    TRX Atomic Push up:

  • Assume push up position with back flat and feet in TRX foot cradles.
  • Perform push-up, then bring knees to chest at top of movement.
  • Straighten legs; repeat for 10-15 reps, 2 sets.

2.    TRX Pendulum swings with knee tuck:

  • Assume push-up position with back flat and feet in TRX foot cradles.
  • Rotate hips right and bring knees toward chest and outside of right shoulder.
  • Return to start; repeat to opposite side.
  • Continue alternating for 10 reps each side, 2 sets.

3.    TRX Knee tucks with Plank:

  • Assume push-up position with back flat and feet in TRX foot cradles.
  • Bring knees to chest for 10-15 tucks followed by plank hold, 2 sets.

4.    Slideboard with catches:

  • Perform lateral slides  on slideboard continuously.
  • As partner throws two tennis balls simultaneously, catch one in each hand.
  • Throw balls back to partner and continue for 44 catches, 1 set.

As a personal trainer, I completely recommend the TRX Suspension training tool. I believe in total body workouts that challenge the “sometimes forgotten” small muscles, while simultaneously building your balance and stability. I have given you a few exercises to get started…now it’s up to you to get after it!

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