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Client Testimonials

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Check out what clients are saying about Courtney Sullivan:

Los Angeles, CA

Elena M.

Courtney is an amazing mentor and nutritionist and I highly recommend her.  After living in Europe, my dietary habits changed drastically and I needed some help getting back into shape.  I found Courtney through a referral and she has been INCREDIBLE.  In just a few short sessions she helped me learn the fundamentals of healthy eating and nutrition which had a quick and noticeable impact on changing my body and health.

She is understanding, professional, and all around has a fantastic approach that results oriented.  If you're looking to change your life, I recommend scheduling an appointment with her ASAP.

Los Angeles, CA

Katelyn R.

If you're reading this review know that you finally found what you were looking for. I can hardly explain how much Courtney has helped me. First: she knows her stuff. Not only that but she is really, really good at breaking down what she knows so it is useful to you! Second: it doesn't hurt that she is really nice and super reasonable. I was worried I would be put on a very restrictive diet. However, it was really just the opposite. I had to ask her a few times "am I really supposed to have THAT much?" No fad diet plans or new age thinking, good old fashion nutrition. She taught me how to eat the right way and now its just normal, second nature. I had one non-negotiable (coffee creamer) and she completely worked with me. I never felt judged or wrong, I feel like I'm finally learning the right way to eat. Other great things: always quick to respond to an email or question, always able to give me new meal or snack ideas, she even gave me a personalized full body workout! Since meeting Courtney I have lost 15 pounds and I'm not avoiding carbs, eating celery sticks for dinner or skipping holiday meals. I have recommended Courtney to everyone who is willing listen, now including you. Do your body and health a favor and meet with her, you will really be glad you did.

Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer S.

Courtney is the BEST BEST BEST! A friend referred us for our weightloss goals for our wedding. We purchased the Bride to Be package and then Courtney worked with us to create delicious, simple meal plans to focus on healthy eating. My fiance lost 30 lbs and I lost 10! She also has the sweetest demeanor, never condescending or judging when we were honest about our bad habits / weaknesses. Who know a nutrition consultation could be such good therapy! 12 days until wedding and we are looking GREAT!

San Francisco, CA

Angie D.

A close friend referred me to Courtney as I was looking for advice on my sports nutrition after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic.   Courtney is awesome... she listened to my goals and offered advice and brands of products for me to try.  Her initial consultation was extremely informative and you can tell she is a subject matter expert in her field.  She also wrote a customized meal plan for me.. I feel better than I ever did following Courtney's advice on nutrition!  I don't feel hungry and I perform better during my races and workouts.  Courtney is dedicated and follows up with her clients to see if they have questions about the information and guidance she has provided.   I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone who is serious about healthy eating and nutrition!

Napa, CA

Casey R.

I have been to a LOT of nutritionists and Courtney is by far my favorite! I've consistently had a hard time having regular, balanced meals containing enough food and going underweight.  

She is always caring and hears what I have to say- and just by looking at my meal log (as little as three days!) she's able to see what my patterns are, call me out, AND give solutions with new goals! What I'm telling you is- she is SMART.  I can outwit and out-talk even myself and the fact that she sees right through some of my words ["it went really well"] to what actually happened ["okay, it looks like there's a really long time between your meals and maybe that's why you're getting a stomach-ache.  Let's try ..." (*not verbatim*)] is incredibly necessary for me.  

Also, I have multiple food allergies and OAS and she helped talk about meals I can have that are appropriate for me, don't make me sick, and I like.  With her- it keeps getting better- I highly recommend using her not just once but ongoing.  She helped me in new ways at each sessions- what was a good amount for me to eat of the things I liked at my favorite restaurants, how to make my morning smoothies more balanced, what to do about foods I couldn't keep to a portion size that didn't cause a tummy ache (hello chocolate), etc.  She's a real person, open and relatable and I never felt judged for telling her the truth when things were not going well.  I hope she has years of success in her ventures! (Also, never went to her for PT but I want to one day because she's a rock-star at her job)

Salem, OR

Ann W.

Courtney was terrific.  She was interested in all aspects of my health as well as my concern about getting healthier and losing some weight.  I found her suggestions to be very helpful and useful to me in the process of changing my habits.  I found her encouraging and positive as well as giving me the motivation and support I needed to move forward.

Beverly Hills, CA

Edward S.

I began seeing Courtney in August 2015, to treat my history of hypertension and elevated liver enzymes. I have also had trouble losing the last 15-20 pounds, despite my high protein diet attempts in the past and working out with a trainer consistently each week. The scale never seemed to budge. I have been seeing Courtney now for about 7 months and she has changed me life!! 

She developed a nutrition plan for me that cleansed my liver, lowered my blood pressure and allowed me to lose 25 pounds and keep it off! The foods that she recommends I eat are delicious and do not taste like "diet foods" either, which makes it easy to stay on the plan. I am 70 years old, and feel better than ever. I have more energy for work (and my 5am workouts), life, spending time with family and playing with my grandkids. Working with Courtney has been such a wonderful experience! Her demeanor is kind and compassionate, yet professional and results driven. Her extensive knowledge about nutrition and passion for helping her clients get healthy was very evident to me in the first initial nutrition consultation. I am very thankful to have found Courtney and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and change their life for the better!

Encinitas, CA

Cory D.

Courtney Sullivan helped me drop my cholesterol by 40 points.
I would highly recommend working with her if you need help with your nutrition or fitness.

Here's my story and how she helped me, but if you don't want to read any further just know that without any hesitation I would recommend her to my family and friends. So I would definitely recommend her to you as well.

I was unhappy with my cholesterol after a blood test. I am already a very active person who exercises about 6 times week, but between my last two physicals my cholesterol had increased. I was pretty sure the increase was due to diet.

I spoke at length with Courtney about what my routine diet and exercise were at that time. She listened and then provided me with an outline of suggestions. I wasn't looking for a specific meal plan, but rather where I should make adjustments in my current routine. Her recommendations where very detailed, well thought out, researched, and tailored to my situation.

I followed her recommendations almost exactly as specified and 6 months later after by follow up blood work, my doctor said, "Don't change a thing, just keep doing what you're doing"

Courtney is very knowledgable and you can tell after talking with her that she has spent a lot of time studying and researching nutrition. She is easy to work with. She is very genuine, and you can tell she really wants you to reach your goals as much, if not more, than you do.

Best of luck to you in your diet/fitness journey. If you really want intelligent, actionable information along the way, talk to Courtney.

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