Success Stories from Courtney’s Clients:

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“Courtney is the most versatile registered dietitian you will find!  From helping my husband put on muscle mass, to now assisting my sister (who has a kidney disease) with her clinical dietary needs, Courtney can do it all!  She has a wonderfully calm, friendly demeanor that makes her extremely easy to talk to. She is quick to respond to email and is overall extremely thorough. My entire family and I can’t say enough amazing things about her.” – Renee & Kurt Suzuki (professional baseball player, Minnesota Twins, best catcher in the American League 2014)

Injury Prevention and Productivity Booster Program: “After my initial nutrition evaluation I immediately felt empowered to change habits and form better practices moving forward. My history with high blood pressure, potential onset of type II diabetes, and previous ACL tear sports injury made me an ideal candidate for Courtney’s services. Results were better energy, better productivity, fewer crashes from caffeine and sugar, faster recover time. Thanks Courtney!” – James Madigan 

“A close friend referred me to Courtney as I was looking for advice on my sports nutrition after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic.   Courtney is awesome… she listened to my goals and offered advice and brands of products for me to try.  Her initial consultation was extremely informative and you can tell she is a subject matter expert in her field.  She also wrote a customized meal plan for me.. I feel better than I ever did following Courtney’s advice on nutrition!  I don’t feel hungry and I perform better during my races and workouts.  Courtney is dedicated and follows up with her clients to see if they have questions about the information and guidance she has provided.   I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone who is serious about healthy eating and nutrition!” – Angie Dello

“It’s a pleasure to talk with Courtney because she has so much knowledge and insights. She is extremely well prepared when you arrive and goes over every detail with care and enthusiasm, even if you ask her to repeat points from time to time. It is also an enormous relief to clarify a nutrition plan that has clearly defined objectives and goals as well as portions. variety of foods and possibilities of adjustments that make your plan flexible.”Miguel Angel C. 

“I feel like a lot of dietitians have a plan in mind they vary slightly for different people. Courtney really took in mind my body and taste preferences, family history and goals. I felt like an individual which is wonderful.”Casey R. 

“I just had my first consultation with Courtney a few days ago and she’s awesome! She’s extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and the body. After our consultation, she emailed me a comprehensive plan for my daily consumption and workout routine, a list of items to shop for at Trader Joe’s (my preferred grocery store) and sample meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and healthier dessert options. Her overall attitude and approach made me feel comfortable and confident that I can achieve my goals, and I’m actually excited about making life changes that felt so daunting before. Definitely recommend her services!”Gwen G. 

“I met Courtney after she worked as a nutrionist with my husband for his stomach issues.  She was a great help to him and made suggestions for food items that he could live with and without giving up the things he loved.  I decided I wanted to start eating healthier and I scheduled my own appointment.  Courtney helped me to better understand the foods that I needed to eat to maintain my active lifestyle.  She gave me lots of great suggestions of healthier options so that I too didn’t have to give up the kinds of foods that I really liked.  I also signed up for some personal training sessions with Courtney.  My exercise routine was in a rut and I felt as if I was not progressing.  She helped me to jump start my fitness and provided me with lots of different workouts to help tone up those problem areas!  I highly recommend Courtney for both nutrition and training.  She is sensible in her approach and helps you achieve your goals without having to give up everything you like to meet those goals.” – Helene B.

“Courtney is amazing to work with both as a nutritionist and trainer.  When I met Courtney, I had a lot of GI trouble, suffering from multiple Pancreatitis attacks.  As a result, I lost 20 pounds and felt very weak.  Courtney taught me how to build back my strength.  She supported me in choosing healthy fat-free foods to nourish me, without compromising my GI condition.  She trained me physically to build back my core strength.  Now, I am so much better and couldn’t have done it without Courtney’s knowledge, support, and positive energy. She’s a special coach to have in your corner!” – Marnie M.

“As the Editor-in-Chief of House Call, MD, I’ve had the pleasure to work extensively with Courtney for the past year.  Courtney has served as the leading personal trainer for House Call, MD, an online journal focused on science-based training, nutrition and health information.  Courtney has an astounding ability to translate her wealth of training knowledge form the National Academy of Sports Medicine into engaging and unique training programs for our readers.  She has a knack for making exercise fun and looks to incorporate both the great outdoors and outside-the-box activities into her plans to break the boring gym routine.  Her talent shows in the number of readers across the country who follow her monthly column, reaching over 15,000 readers last year alone.  Courtney’s personal training talents, however, should not overshadow her formal training as a dietitian.  As a Registered Dietitian, Courtney offers the total health package in one place.  Her training in the world of dietary health created a solid scientific foundation, rooted in evidence-based medicine, which she has been able to leverage in her fitness endeavors.  She is professional, dedicated, creative, inspirational, evidence-based and results-oriented.  What more could you ask for in a trainer?”  Joshua Goldman, MD, MBA, UCLA Health Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician 

“Courtney came highly recommended from my doctor, whose practice is focused on fitness and health.  I started at 190 lbs with the goal of reaching 180 lbs in 2 months while training for a triathlon. Courtney’s food log suggestion was a miracle, as I immediately became accountable for my calorie and nutrient intake.  I hit my goal weight in 8 weeks, exactly on schedule.  I actually had to stop losing weight so I could maintain strength for the triathlon.  This was the lowest body weight I’ve reached since I was a freshman in college (I’m now in my 30s).  Courtney was cool, fun, showed me around whole foods, and is an athlete herself, so she practices what she preaches.  For what it’s worth, I’m a physician myself, but contrary to popular belief, we do not learn enough about nutrition in medical school.”T. Maniar, M.D.

“Courtney Walberg-Sullivan is a rare talent and an exceptional source for credible Health, Wellness, and Nutritional information. Our company has had the privilege of working with Courtney and she has helped refine our Performance Nutrition methodology. She is professional, enthusiastic, and passionate about positively impacting her field of practice. I strongly recommend that anybody wanting to achieve optimal fitness and nutrition to work with Courtney – her dedication and expertise will produce sustainable excellence.”   Brock Christopher — Performance Director, Accolade Athletic Performance

“I cannot recommend Courtney Walberg-Sullivan of Nutrition for Body and Mind enough.  After experiencing non-significant results after numerous weeks of sessions with my overpriced gym trainer, I was seriously looking for a challenge, and most importantly RESULTS.  Courtney was the perfect person for the job.  My sessions with Courtney left me “feeling the burn” for days after, and I quickly began to see results in my strength, muscle tone, stamina, appearance and overall physical condition.  Courtney took the time to developed specific, custom workout plans for each of our training sessions, ensuring that I received a total body workout each time we met.  This allowed me to maximize the benefits of each session. Even better, Courtney made sure that every step of the way she was teaching me exercises that I could easily repeat at the gym, or even at home, to make fitness part of my everyday life even after our training sessions were over.  She also provided me excellent nutritional guidance.  I have continued to use the routines and tips Courtney taught me and have continued to see great results.Throughout the way, Courtney was encouraging, available and responsive to my needs – and she was great company during workouts!Training with Courtney was THE best fitness and health decision I have ever made.” – Jennifer Arnold

“I am an architect with a hectic schedule, so it is important to me that eating and exercise to be one with my lifestyle. I have read many books over the past 25 years regarding eating and nutrition and “thought” I had a good idea of what to eat, and how to exercise. The only problem is that I was not getting results at age 50. I have had a hard time losing weight when doing “my own program”. My results on my own program have not been very effective, even when I feel like I am starving myself! Courtney and I worked together on a specific nutrition plan that I have been following where I lost 18 pounds in 2 months, and currently sustaining! I went from 188 to 170 pounds. I am amazed at the fact that I am eating much more than I did on my own programs, while experiencing these results. Courtney has a wholistic approach; which involves healthy and balanced eating, cardio workout, and resistance weight band training. I have a treadmill and weight bands at home so I can do everything without having to go to a gym, and very time efficiently. I believe really knowing what to snack on and drink, besides water, has made a significant impact on my results. Courtney specifies the exact food products and where to get them, which makes it so helpful for someone like me who just wants it to be simple and easy follow. In short, Courtney with ease and grace has woven nutrition and exercise into my schedule, so it is “one in my lifestyle”, rather than a program I need to make time for to fit in. I would strongly recommend Courtney to anyone!” – Russell Shubin

“I needed to lose a few pounds around the middle, and my gastroenterologist highly recommended Courtney to enable this project.  Every visit with Courtney has been helpful, informative, and a pleasure.  I have learned so much, and developed new eating and exercise habits thanks to her.  What’s unique is Courtney doesn’t keep you away from delicious food, but rather adds new delicious foods to your repertoire that wind up making you feel and look better.  I always leave our appointments hungry to try her many suggestions.  When I complete shedding the targeted pounds (lost 7 lbs. already), I’ll be reluctant to tell Courtney and bring an end to our valued sessions. Courtney is THE BEST DIETITIAN IN LA!” — Ed Scharlach, TV producer/writer

“As a former athlete and veteran of both the Navy and Army I am no stranger to exercise and pushing myself physically. But things that I have always lacked is a good, healthy and consistent diet. Being older now, I realize that it takes a healthy diet in addition to exercise to stay healthy and fit. My biggest obstacle to this goal was not knowing what to eat and how much. Thanks to Courtney, for the first time in my life I am making healthy eating choices and staying on track. Courtney helped me realize that there are healthy food options out there that don’t have to taste bad. I am feeling better and more invigorated than I have in ten years. Do yourself a favor and get in touch with Courtney. It will change your life!” David 

“Working with Courtney has been great. Little changes to my diet have produced big rewards. Just making better choices at the grocery store and now knowing what to look for on the labels have made a noticeable difference, both in appearance and my in my energy levels. Though I do still give in to my sweet tooth every now and then. :)” – David Prosenko 

“My doctor recommended Courtney to me.  He had removed 20 pounds with Courtney and was raving about her.  My first appointment was on December 5, 2011 and (with a goal of 50 pounds) I have lost 19 pounds so far.  It is the first time I have lost weight without a diet, knowledgeably, slowly, intelligently – all thanks to Courtney.  She truly is a caring, committed and fun professional and I’ll be seeing her next week for workout training!  A real rock star!!!”Saba S.

“Courtney is fantastic.  She takes the time to truly understand your individual needs and works with you to create a sustainable nutritional and fitness regiment.  I was referred to her through a friend, as I’m looking to achieve those health goals I’ve always had but never been able to reach.  I finally feel on the right track.”Brian Liebman, Senior Managing Director of LGA

“Courtney is awesome! She is really thorough and super friendly. REALLY helpful inside and outside the doctor office.She made me a personalized meal plan for a whole weak and showed me what stores i can purchase certain foods from. She always emailed my with in a couple weeks to ask how i was doing with my goals and answered any questions i had.  I learned so much. I recommend her to anyone that wants to learn to eat and exercise the right way.”Nicole C. 

“Of the many Registered Dietitians I have worked with, Courtney Sullivan ranks at the top.  Her guidance after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes has been invaluable.  She not only provides suggestions for the proper foods, she takes the time to work with me on ways I can improve my numbers (blood sugars for Diabetes) and they have gone down with her help.  The specific dietary information she provides always takes my food allergies into account. Her nutritional handouts and lists are especially helpful.  They have honored places on the refrigerator and are referred to each day!” Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult, Professor Emerita, CSULA, Mediation for Education

“Meeting Courtney was like a blessing. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 and really needed help with my diet and carb counting. She helped me to gain the weight back thru diet and supplements. So 19 pounds later I am feeling like myself again. We spent some time at the supermarket together and I really gained a lot of knowledge from that as well as Courtney’s educational programs at the Hospital’s monthly Diabetes support group (Olympia Medical Center). I would recommend her to anyone wanting to lose or gain weight or just learn more about diet and exercise.” MZC — Musician, Writer

“I began working with Courtney, at the encouragement of my gastroenterologist, to make some dietary changes.  With my having a background in health and fitness, and a physically active lifestyle, my needs seemed somewhat unique. Having a travel schedule that keeps me on the road the majority of the time, maintaining a proper diet was even more challenging.

Unlike many consultants, coaches and trainers, Courtney took the time to listen, learn and understand my lifestyle and food preferences before making suggestions and recommendations. Her ability to introduce practical changes based on what she learned about me and the things I like made it much easier for me to succeed.  We worked together to find foods that were healthy, AND that I would enjoy eating.  She provided “real life” suggestions and tips, even with specifics as to where I could purchase everything she recommended.

Courtney also followed up with me between appointments to check on my progress, which helped to motivate me and made me more accountable.   It’s refreshing to work with someone as open-minded and genuinely helpful as Courtney.  Most important, her approach allows me to attain my goals without taking the pleasure out of eating.”Wes Bender, Manager West Coast Operations, Safe Kids Worldwide

“I am a Colon Cancer Survival, following my surgery my G.I. Doctor recommended I consult with a Nutritionist. I’d met with a couple of Nutritionists in the past, but I had no confidence in their ability to address my particular nutrition needs. A year later my doctor recommended I see Courtney, so I decided to give her a try. I find Courtney to be very knowledgeable, providing great suggestions. She spends time with her patients and continues to research my particular nutrition needs.  Her handouts and food labeling recommendation lists have proven to be tremendously helpful, especially while searching the super market shelves for the appropriate items. Courtney’s research and advice has made a positive contribution to my   lifestyle. I’m very pleased to recommend Courtney. She is an enthusiastic professional and very passionate about her patients. Thank you Courtney for everything!” Mary A.

Initial Nutrition Evaluation: “I really appreciate Courtney’s help and guidance concerning my nutritional health. Her diet recommendations have been outstanding! I have since incorporated foods such as quinoa, hemp seeds and several previously overlooked fruits and vegetables into my diet. With her advice, I feel confidant that I will not only be able to provide my daily diet with the balance that it requires, but also take preventive steps to insure my overall health in the long run.” Shea

Follow Up Evaluation (Note to Courtney):“I can’t tell you how great it is meeting with you. The health experts that I have spoken with in the past, always seem to be more concerned with providing short cuts or “cheat meals” and have always had a hard time understanding that I actually appreciate eating healthy. I realize that most people don’t enjoy eating spinach and broccoli but for some reason I do, and I feel like you are the first person that understands that! You make the whole experience easy and it’s crazy how the time just flies by.” Shea

“When I went to see Courtney, she was the third dietitian I’d seen in two years. Although I went to see her after being prodded by my physician, I had no confidence that she’d work out better than the others had.  She did, and here’s why I believe she brings the dietetic world to a new level. During the first visit Courtney told me that I could curb my hunger if I added protein to my between-meal snacks.  I was pre-diabetic and eating mostly carbs between meals.  Cutting out white bread and eating protein during the day turned out to be the key to making me feel satisfied. By my next visit, three weeks later, I had lost about 4 pounds and no longer felt as if I was starving.  This time Courtney gave me lots of choices of things I might snack on.  She listed foods that were new to me, told me where I could buy them and showed them to me. That helped me visualize what I was looking for when I went to the market. Recently I was surprised when I kept my weight stable, even after taking prednisone, which had always made me ravenous. Most importantly, Courtney gave me the confidence that I could change my long-term eating habits. Even when I wasn’t satisfied with how I’d been eating, she never blamed, but kindly came through with a new way of looking at my needs.Ellen

Goal Setting

Develop individualized S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and can be accomplished in the appropriate Time frame)

Nutrition For Body And Mind paves the path for you and helps you take small steps… to reach BIG GOALS. Remember that it won’t happen overnight! It is about the long term success…YOU CAN DO IT!